Friday, May 22, 2015

Ask AAVia Anything

Join us in Bolivia!

The AAVia Foundation team leaves for Bolivia in four days. We are excited to see Bolivia once more, and we want to bring our friends and supporters.

Now YOU can come with us, without a plane ticket!

We're taking your questions about Bolivia, the AAVia Foundation, our partners there ... or anything you want to know about the trip.

While there, we'll find the answers and post them online during and after our travels.

Do you wonder about the origins of the Pucarani Nursing School?
Curious about what kinds of fruit are sold in the markets of La Paz?
Interested in how it feels to breathe at 13,000 ft altitude?
Want to know how infants are referred to the neonatal unit at Hospital Juan XXIII?

No matter what questions you have, we want to answer them. Write a comment below. Send us messages through email or on our website. Post on our FacebookTwitter, or YouTube.

See you in Bolivia,

Mackenzie Malia
President & Co-founder
AAVia Foundation for the Health of Bolivian Children