Friday, February 2, 2018

Every Effort Helps

This two-minute video focuses on the importance of education for Bolivian children.

But how does health affect education?

For every child in the video, and thousands of their classmates, each day of school brings them closer to a life free of poverty. Every day is important, even when supportive teachers (mentioned in the video) give extensions so struggling kids can finish their homework.

If a child gets sick... they miss school.

If a sibling gets sick, and a child needs to care for them because a parent has to work... they miss school.

Health is an integral part of education.

Our partners in the Clean Hands, Healthy Schools program are working help children stay healthy so they can stay in school, through basic handwashing and dental hygiene education. Keep kids healthy, keep kids in school.

Every donation supports these efforts in Bolivia. Make a tax-deductible donation here.

-- Mackenzie Malia
President & Co-Founder, AAVia Foundation for the Health of Bolivian Children

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